Kaelee Denise Photography

Dupont | Brevard, NC

Many of you may know that I'm such a slacker when it comes to editing and posting personal photos. I STILL have yet to finish editing and printing photos from our trip to Seattle back in October of 2011!

In early February- Chris and I went for a long day hike in Dupont Forest. Ive been meaning to post some of these photos for weeks. And now that the Hunger Games has come out it seems to cliche to even post them. Oh well- this is where we live.


Manual Mode…

It seems like I never get the time (or should I say take the time) to play around with my camera. I always take the photos, edit them and move on. But this weekend I finally took the time to play around with my camera. Manual mode is something I need to practice. Here are some examples...

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Summer’s End….

The temperatures are still on the high during the day but the nights are cool and the early mornings are chilly! Im soooo excited about autumn and winter on the way!

Last weekend while out shooting a Senior Portrait Session in a field of flowers I took this photo, maybe one of the last flower photos of this summer....