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Abagail Newman

Today my heart breaks for a dear friend. . .

Today I held my girls a bit closer, a little longer, pushed my work aside and spent the day playing and reading to them. Life is so precious and shorter than we realize. You never know when a hug or kiss could be the last.

Today my friend Angel lost her sweet daughter in a tragic accident. As a friend, and as a mother, I can not imagine the pain she is feeling. My heart aches just typing this.

If you have the means I ask that you make a donation, any amount will help Angel's family. Angel and her husband, Jeromy, are a young family, who work so hard to support their family.


The last session I did with the Newman family was this past Spring. I remember Abagail was tired and it was a bit cold that day. She just wanted Angel to hold and snuggle her. But even though she wasn't in the best mood her personality was glowing- that sassy, spunky girl!

Abagail- everyone who met you, loved you! you smile was so contagious!


kaelee denise photography

kaelee denise photography

kaelee denise photography