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Life as a Mother and Photographer

WHEW! I am still trying to get the hang of being a mother and running my photography business! You would think after 8-months I would have it down but every day is a new page. We had a rough night with our little one last night- who is cutting two teeth! She was up most of the night and has fought a nap all morning. So I have found a little trick to get her to take a nap and I can get some editing done. I load her in her carseat and drive around till she falls asleep then park in my driveway- sit in the back next to her and edit photos. I still get full internet connection and everyone is happy. I NEVER thought my car would become my office but whatever it takes right?!?!

Here is a little sneak peek from two newborn sessions last week!

Sweet little Emma
newborn portraits

And the Carson twins are finally here!! Liam and Hazel.
brevard photographer

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