Kaelee Denise Photography

Ennis Family | Asheville Family Portrait Day

You may recognize the Ennis Family from a blog post a couple of weeks ago- Spencer's newborn portrait session.

I am in love with this last session we did. More of a lifestyles portrait session. I loved being able to capture the Ennis family in life as they know it- with two children, a newborn, lacking sleep, crying, laughing- life is messy 🙂  But most of all they have fun with it.

These next four are my absolute favorites! I love the natural smiles and interaction.


Two Princesses | Asheville, NC Child Portrait Photographer

Earlier this week I got to spend some time with three of my favorite kids. It was a day of princesses and tea parties. These are my favorite moments to capture- the times when they are so lost in play and less focused on saying "chhheeeesee"

I love these moments. Where they are so lost in play they have no clue im even photographing them.

A girl's gotta take the time to admire her ring every once in a while!

What is a brother to do while the girls are playing dress up?


“S” Family | Asheville Family Portrait Photographer

I LOVE the "S" family! I get to see them at least twice a year for photos and I love watching the kids grow into their own little personalities! I did little "L"'s 3-month, 6-month, 9-month and now 1-year photos! They are such a fun and easy going family 🙂


Mud Pies! | Asheville Lifestyles Portrait Photographer

Two cute blondies made some mud pies this week! I couldnt help but get the camera and capture this messiness!