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TRASH the dress. . .

When I had my consultation appointment with Michelle & Chris I knew from the start they were going to be a FUN couple! Asking me if they couple trade their engagement session out for a “Trash the Dress” session! Of course!

So a couple of days after their wedding we headed out for a round of golf and swimming! Michelle and Chris braved the cool mountain water- and needless to say it was a cold day in the mountains!

Stylin . . .

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  1. Great couple, beautiful wedding and great photograpy! We are so happy and so blessed with this marriage!

  2. What a beautiful couple! Love the pictures. They look like they are so much fun to be with. God bless them and I hope they have a great marriage.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!!!! Thanks Kaelee 🙂

  4. So glad they liked the idea and went with it!! Beautiful pictures and fun, once in a lifetime memories!! Love them!!

  5. ABSOLUTELY Beautiful couple! These are great pictures! Their love shines through on every picture!

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