Meet Kaelee

Kaelee Denise Photography began with a simple passion for photography that developed into a desire to capture the love, laughter and memories for others.

I grew up on the heels of my grandfather, who was a photographer.  As a child I followed him and out of his darkroom. In middle and high school I aways had a camera in my hand- photographing my friends and all of our adventures.  My love for photography soon grew into more than just a hobby. I longed to bring my art into the lives of the people around me. I wanted to capture the moments shared with loved ones.  I wanted to capture memories that would live on through photographs. 

My favorite thing about being a photographer is the friends I've made along the way. Creating a friendship not just a business contact. I love getting to know each person, couple and family. Learning about how they met, how they fell in love, what makes them smile & laugh, what's their passion in life.  Capturing memories that they can carry on through life in photographs.

I currently live with my husband, our five children and 2 dogs in a little town nestled in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. We love to spend any and every moment that we can outdoors. Biking, hiking, gardening, camping, snowboarding, skateboarding and traveling.

I can't wait to meet you & your family. Capturing memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.